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Including Aluminium & Retrofit Double Glazing

Do you have a cracked or broken window? Is your glass door not sliding smoothly? Does your shower screen need to be replaced?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might need double-glazed services from our professional glazier. When it comes to expert double glazing, Perth residents can rely on our skilled team for top-quality installation and service. Our Double Glazing team in Perth consists of trained professionals who can quickly and efficiently fix all types of glass problems.

Double Glazing For Windows & Doors

We are a reliable and experienced double glazing company in Perth 

The home is where you spend a lot of time, so you naturally want to make it as comfortable as possible. What if you could lower the noise pollution from noisy neighbours or a busy road by controlling your home’s temperature? 

Adding double glazing to your windows and doors may then be the solution you need. Double glazing keeps the cold out, and it keeps the warm in. It reduces drafts, and it’s a vast step up from single glazing which involves a single pane of glass alone acting as a barrier between the inside and outside worlds. It also has noise reduction properties when you have double-glazed windows. On the other hand, triple Glazing means there are three panes of glass attached and separated by a spacer.

We have an excellent reputation for installing high quality double glazed products at an affordable price. Our range of thermal aluminium double glazed windows and doors have incredible insulating properties; allowing the use of more glass and natural light to truly transform the way you and your family live in your home – affording year-round comfort, peace and quiet, and peace of mind knowing you are also reducing your household energy costs, year on year.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Reduces Heat Loss And Drafts

Its most important benefit, and the purpose for which it was originally designed, is to reduce heat loss in interior spaces. A double glazed window prevents heat from escaping and limits drafts from entering through the seams which can help lower your energy bills.

Condensation Is Reduced

Surfaces that are cooler than the surrounding air form condensation. Because a double-glazed panel reduces heat loss, the interior pane glass with double glazing doesn’t get as cold, preventing condensation from forming. As a result, properties can be kept dry, preventing mould growth.

Enhances Security

When laminated or toughened glass is used, single glazed panels aren’t as effective at keeping out intruders as panels on double glazed windows. The simple presence of two panes of glass in the same frame using double glazing provides a property with an additional layer of security.

Insulates Against Noise

Double glazing provides effective acoustic insulation and noise reduction than single glazing since the additional material and vacuum between the two panels reduce sound transmission through double glazing. In plain terms, the extra materials used in double glazing make a house quieter since they provide a multitude of buffers.

Adding up all the benefits of double glazed units, lowered costs on heating and cooling bills, enhanced security, better comfort, noise reduction and added value to your home makes double glazed windows or doors an excellent investment.

Why Choose Us

Trusted Glass Solutions

For double glazed windows, Perth residents can count on our expertise to enhance comfort and energy efficiency in their homes. We have built our brand as a reputable Glass Service company through years of delivering quality glass solutions across Perth. We guarantee professional service by doing our work with precision alongside our quality materials that produce the best results.

Safe and Secure Service

We have a warranty for our services for your peace of mind. We understand that safety is important to you and your family, so we always put this on top of our priorities. We respect your property, so we ensure a tidy workspace to avoid any glazing hazards.

Fully Qualified Glaziers

We are fully qualified and are licensed builders. We value up-to-date training that complies with regulations for best practices and compliance with Australian standards. We are QBCC licensed local Glazier Brisbane with years of experience and have Public Liability Insurance for your assurance.

Cost Effective Glass Solutions

Double glazing costs vary depending on factors such as window size and type of glazing used. Our double glazing cost is budget-friendly, offering exceptional value for homeowners seeking energy-efficient windows without breaking the bank. We provide quality glass repair and replacement services while maintaining competitive prices. We work with all types of glass, from window panes to shower doors. Whether you have cracked, chipped, or broken glass, we provide tailor-fit glass solutions that meet your budget requirements.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

With years of experience and knowledge providing high-quality glass solutions and glass products throughout Perth, our team instals top-notch glass services for all your glazing needs. Our professional glaziers will listen to your requirements and assess your glass condition to provide the best glass solutions.

Trusted Perth Glaziers

Pro Glaziers Perth offers a wide product range of doors, including double-glazed sliding doors and French and bi-fold doors. Not only doors, we also offer a range of double glazed windows. Our double glazing products meet the highest energy-saving standards and can be customised to match your home’s style and colours.

Here at Glazier Perth, we are proud to offer the following glazing services:

Double Glazed Windows

We are experts at installing awning windows, sliding windows, casement windows, window panes or glass with double glazing in new or old window frames. Glaziers Perth are the professionals trusted to do this job. We measure the window opening, cut the glass according to size, and then install it in the frame using high-quality materials that last.

Double Glazed Doors

We are experts at installing Double Glazed Doors in new or old door frames. Our glaziers in Perth are the professionals trusted to do this double glazing  job. We measure the area of application, cut the glass according to size, and then install it using high-quality materials that are built to last. 

Our UPVC double glazed doors offer superior insulation, keeping your home comfortable year-round while reducing energy costs. They are engineered with precision UPVC double glazing technique to provide exceptional insulation, ensuring that your home remains comfortable in any season. With their advanced design, they effectively block out drafts and external noise, creating a peaceful and cosy environment for you and your family to enjoy. Imagine your door systems with double glazing. This will minimise heat loss during the winter and prevent heat gain in the summer, making it a smart and energy efficient choice for your home.

Retrofit Double Glazing

When you look at your existing windows, do you ever wish they were double glazed windows but find them to be pricey and don’t have the time to do it? With Glaziers Perth, it is possible to have double glazed windows efficiently at surprisingly affordable prices.

We offer the best price for double glazing and installation service for homeowners, builders, tradesmen, and renovators in Perth.

Double Glazing Repairs

Having problems with misted double glazed windows? We can fix your double glazed windows for you. It’s a worthwhile investment to repair a double glazed window in your home. It will give your home an improved sense of warmth, reduce outdoor noise, and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Misting and condensation are essentially caused by a break in the double-glazing seal, which allows moisture to enter the insulation of the double-glazed windows.

You can rely on us to fix your broken and damaged glass on double glazed windows, sliding doors, and more. From arranging your obligation-free double glazing measure and quote to completing the installation, we make the process easy for you.

Climate Frame Double Glazing

Despite the outside temperature, double glazing reduces external noise and energy costs and creates an ambient environment in your room. You can choose from a variety of glass materials in double glazing for your climate frame like UPVC double glazed windows.

From arranging your obligation-free double glazing measure and quote to completing the installation, our Double Glazing Perth Team will make the process easy for you.

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Providing custom-tailored glazing solutions for any space is our expertise. Whether your goal is privacy or renovation, we have a wide range of products and services to meet your needs. One call is all it takes to get your broken glass fixed or replaced and your mind at ease.

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