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Wide Range Of Glass Cut To Size Services At Competitive Prices

When it comes to expert glass cut to size, Perth residents can rely on our skilled team for precision craftsmanship and top-quality service. 

If you need any glass for your DIY projects, we will happily cut the glass to your specifications. Glass cut to size is a process where glass is cut to specific dimensions that are required for a project. This can be done with either a manual or automatic glass cutter. Manual glass cutters are typically used for smaller projects, while automatic glass cutters are better suited for larger projects.

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We Can Cut Glass And Mirrors To Your Sizes And Specifications

When you buy glass from your local home improvement store but need a custom size, we offer cutting services to ensure it fits your project perfectly. Glass or mirror pieces can be custom-cut to your size and shape requirements by our highly trained professionals. Glass can be cut to any size by Pro Glazier Perth to suit your needs. At our warehouse, we stock various types and thicknesses of glass. Since we carry a wide range of glass in stock, our turnaround time is timely.

Reliable Glass Cut to Size Services in Perth

As decorative as it is functional in the home, glass is widely used for door panels, windows, tabletops, kitchen splashbacks, and shelving. 

Our experienced and trained glaziers at Glaziers Perth have the tools and the training for a glass cut to size service. Whether you need one panel or an entire wall, you can count on us to provide your glass cutting needs in the Western Australia.

We are proud to offer the following glazing services:

While it may be tempting to try and fix your windows yourself, it is always best to leave it to the professionals. Here are some reasons why:

  • We have the experience and expertise to properly assess the problem and provide the best solution
  • We have the tools and equipment needed to carry out the repair or replacement properly
  • We can often get the job done faster than you could do it yourself
  • We can provide a warranty on our workmanship


So, if you are in need of window repair or replacement services, don’t hesitate to call Glazier Perth – your local experts in all things windows in Western Australia!

Window Glass

We are experts at glass cut to size window panes. Clear glass is a popular choice for windows and doors, allowing natural light to flood into your home. We measure the window opening, cut the glass according to size, and then install it in the frame using high-quality materials that last.

Door Glass 

Pro Glazier Perth are the professionals trusted to cut to size your glass door. We measure, cut the glass according to size, and then install it in the frame using high-quality materials that last.

Shower Screens

Our experienced team cut to size high-quality shower screens and screen glass products for many years. Our screen and shower door services are available to both residential and commercial clients in Perth. 

Kitchen Glass 

The simple but eye-catching design of solid-coloured glass splashbacks will bring a modern touch to any room. We cut to size and install stunning Glass Splashbacks in a wide selection of colours & finishes with smooth polished edges to suit virtually any space. We can also colour match most samples if you have a specific colour in mind.

Glass Table Top 

Glass Table Tops have many benefits, including easy maintenance. It is effortless to clean and maintain a glass dining room table. If you are considering installing glass table tops, Pro Glaziers Perth are the professionals trusted to do a glass cut to size job in the Western Australia. We measure, cut the glass according to size, and then install it in the table tops frame using high-quality materials that last.

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Trusted Glass Solutions

We have built our brand as a reputable Glass Service company through years of delivering quality glass solutions across Perth. We guarantee professional service by doing our work with precision alongside our quality materials that produce the best results.

Safe and Secure Service

We have a warranty for our services for your peace of mind. We understand that safety is important to you and your family, so we always put this on top of our priorities. We respect your property, so we ensure a tidy workspace to avoid any glazing hazards.

Fully Qualified Glaziers

We are fully qualified and are licensed builders. We value up-to-date training that complies with regulations for best practices and compliance with Australian standards. We are QBCC licensed local Glazier Brisbane with years of experience and have Public Liability Insurance for your assurance. When it comes to buying glass for your renovation or construction project, look no further than us – your reputable glass supplier for top-quality products.

Cost Effective Glass Solutions

We provide quality glass repair and replacement services while maintaining competitive prices. We work with all types of glass, from window panes to shower doors. Whether you have cracked, chipped, or broken glass, we provide tailor-fit glass solutions that meet your budget requirements.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Choosing the right glass for your project is crucial to ensure optimal performance and aesthetics. With years of experience and knowledge providing high-quality glass solutions and glass products throughout Perth, our team instals top-notch glass services for all your glazing needs. Our professional glaziers will listen to your requirements and assess your glass condition to provide the best glass solutions.

Types Of Glass That We Cut To Size

Our Perth glass cutting services are tailored to meet your individual requirements. Among the products we can provide are:

Ordinary Float Glass

The majority of residential windows in Perth are made of ordinary float glass. Glass of this type comes in different thicknesses and can be cut to fit your needs.

Laminated Safety Glass

Due to the PVC interlayer between its two layers of glass, laminated glass holds together even when shattered. When a human impact is possible, or glass is likely to fall, laminated glass is typically recommended.

Toughened Safety Glass

Thermal treatments enhance the strength of toughened glass or tempered glass compared to ordinary glass. If broken, it crumbles rather than splinters into shards. Most toughened safety glass is used in commercial applications, such as shop fronts and architectural glass doors.

Our glass cutting services include mirror and table glass cutting, kitchen splashbacks, and glass door repair in Perth.

Our glass cutting services include mirror and table glass cutting, kitchen splashbacks, and glass door repair in Perth.

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Providing custom-tailored glazing solutions for any space is our expertise. Whether your goal is privacy or renovation, we have a wide range of products and services to meet your needs. One call is all it takes to get your broken glass fixed or replaced and your mind at ease.

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